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Alternative Accountant uses the “3C Method” to Check-up, Clean-up and Catch-up your books.

When we are finished, you:

…will have a set of books that is completely up to date

…will know if you have enough cash to meet financial commitments like paying creditors / employees every month

…will have up to date financial statements in case you require a loan to expand your business

…will have good financial data to prepare an accurate budget

…will have a set of books that your CPA will not have to spend time catching and cleaning up to prepare your taxes

…will have auditable records

.—..finally, will be able to answer important questions about your company’s financial health

 A note about Non-Profit Organizations:

Each year, non-profit organizations encounter delays and frustration in completing an annual audit which is essential to procure grants because of messy accounting records.

Today’s professional standards draw a line between accounting and auditing services.  Auditors must stay independent of the organization’s accounting processes.  We can help non-profit organizations with their accounting clean-up tasks that can’t be handled internally due to lack of expertise.